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While you may best know us for our world renowned Milford Cargo Barrier, vehicle load restraint products are just the start of our extensive range.

Australian owned and operated, Milford is an industry leader, dedicated to supplying quality accessories for all kinds of Passenger, SUV, 4WD & Commercial motor vehicles. Our products are designed and manufactured for ultimate durability while providing maximum safety for you, your family and those in your care!

All Milford products are tested and rated to perform and protect to the highest standards. Plus, Milford Cargo Barriers and Towbars are custom designed, developed, tested and manufactured right here in Australia. No wonder so many Australians - everyone from families to tradies, rely on the trusted Milford name for occupant protection, towing equipment and load carrying vehicle accessories.

With Milford's wide range of applications designed to suit all popular vehicles you’re sure to find the best product to suit your needs:

Milford Cargo Barriers - The Ultimate Protection!
Maximum Safety

When it comes to protecting your family....

In an emergency or accident situation your kids may be sitting targets in the back seat from lethal luggage and debris hurled forward at up to 110 kilometres per hour. Don’t take your kids for granted and don’t take them anywhere without a Milford Cargo Barrier.

Tested and Rated

When the going gets rough....

Unrestrained cargo can be lethal in a four wheel drive in the event of a roll-over, front impact collision or sudden stop brought about by difficult terrain. Protect yourself, your family and your passengers from outback disasters by fitting a Milford Cargo Barrier.

OH&S Approved

When it comes to protecting your employees....

In the event of a frontal collision unrestrained cargo can hurtle forward with an incredible force, severely injuring or killing anyone in its path. We can provide protection for your employees with the largest range of Cargo Barriers available for over 200 different load carrying vehicles

Milford Tow Bars - Serious Pulling Power!

Ultra Load

Tested & Rated

Every Milford Tow Bar is tested and rated on our state of the art static and dynamic testing equipment to the demanding specifications of AS4177. Engineered and designed utilising the very latest scanning & CAD systems to complement the aesthetics of your vehicle, Milford Tow Bars employ the highest quality materials and are sure to meet the most demanding specifications.

Rapid Mount

Rapid Mount

Milford Tow Bars are designed to be installed quickly and efficiently. Easy to follow instructions included with all tow bars set a new standard in practicality.
Importantly, Milford Tow Bars not only deliver in the important categories of dependability, appearance and installation but also provide the maximum level of competitive value!

Milford Lifetime Guarantee

Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

Milford Tow Bars and Cargo Barriers are manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949. Milford warrants to you that the Milford Tow Bar or Cargo Barrier you purchase will be free of material manufacturing defects for as long as you own it subject to the conditions set out in our Warranty Policy, more information is available here.

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LoadMax® is a complete internal canopy roof support system designed to enable safe load management on just about every utility vehicle, canopy and roof rack combination on the market.

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