Light Mate Test Equipment

Light Mate Test Equipment

Light Mate
The Milford LightMate is a compact field unit which you connect to the vehicle or trailer to diagnose functionality, faults or electronic errors. A simple connection to the unit via 7 pin flat or round connector is supplied, and determination of LED or bulb settings will allow the operator to simulate connection to a vehicle, trailer or caravan. Inbuilt lights within the unit illuminate whilst separately, the vehicle’s electronic systems can be individually operated in order to confirm correct light illumination - a task made possible now for just one person to perform!

Additionally, the reverse can also be achieved in order to active/check the unique Milford C2 Trailer Failure Globe Sensor Warning feature offered almost universally across Milford’s trailer wiring harness kit program - this indicates a blown bulb or brake light on the trailer and therefore avoiding potential and hefty road traffic fines in certain States and Territories, not to mention, making the nations road network a safer place for all users.

Every Milford MF-025-ZZM LightMate unit provides:

  • Mobile, in field, electronic fault diagnosis.
  • Rapid, vehicle or trailer light function checks.
  • All internal electronic parts are sealed behind a scratch resistant, operation panel.
  • Hard, outer shell, travel case and high density internal foam offering certain protection in most harsh working environments.
  • Flat and round AS certified 7 pin trailer plug.
  • Extendable cabling for behind steering monitoring.
  • Built in fuse for added safety.
  • Self-test function.

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