Engineered with universal fitment in mind, the Milford LoadMax® is a complete internal canopy roof support system designed to enable safe load management on just about every utility vehicle, canopy and roof rack combination on the market. Milford's new LoadMax® is the ultimate roof rack support system.

Tested and rated to AS/NZS 1235 and ISO 11154, LoadMax® eliminates stress and thermocycling fractures to canopies.

LoadMax® provides maximum support for a wide range of common canopies and roof racks through its innovative mounting methods. The versatile and adjustable configuration allows LoadMax® to adapt to most tub bodies, canopy heights and roof racks. The Heavy duty uprights in the LoadMax® kit minimise chances of the canopy or tub cracking under pressure by providing a sturdy pillar of strength.

This DIY universal roof rack support allows owners to safely carry loads up to the vehicle’s full load potential whilst avoiding costly damage, repairs or the prospect of a heavy load falling from the vehicle amidst traffic.

RRP: $337.34

Loadmax view 3 Unique Sure Grip Clamp
  • Allows for full height adjustability
  • Enables articulation to suit all roof profiles
  • Provides maximum clamping effect
loadmax view 5 Unique Roof Rack Couplings
  • Adjusts to all roof profiles
  • Integrates with single and dual skin canopies
  • Eliminates stress and thermocycling fractures to canopy
  • Delivers maximum load rating
loadmax view 4 Precision Bed Rail Mount
  • Allows for full adjustability
  • Provides additional canopy clamping effect
  • Delivers maximum load rating
loadmax 7 Heavy Duty Uprights
  • Large diameter 38mm tubular steel construction
  • Multiple bend radii maximises cargo space
  • Form fitting poly cap ends
loadmax 8 Infinite Articulation
  • Full rotational adjustability allows LoadMax® to adjust to all canopy profiles


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